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Karel Riha

Telomeres and genome stability

Research focus

Chromosome integrity and the proper partitioning of the genome to daughter cells are essential prerequisites for the stable inheritance of genetic information over multiple cell divisions. Our two main research interests are the molecular mechanisms that govern the stability of chromosome ends and the regulation of chromosome behavior during meiosis.

Selected publications

Bulankova P, Akimcheva S, Fellner N, Riha K (2013) Identification of Arabidopsis Meiotic Cyclins Reveals Functional Diversification among Plant Cyclin Genes. PLoS Genet 9(5): e1003508.

Kazda A, Zellinger B, Rössler M, Derboven E, Kusenda B, Riha K (2012) Chromosome end protection by blunt-ended telomeres. Genes & Dev 26:1703-1713.

Bulankova P, et al. (2010) Meiotic progression in Arabidopsis is governed by complex regulatory interactions between SMG7, TDM1, and the meiosis I-specific cyclin TAM. Plant Cell 22:3791-3803.

Vrbsky J, Akimcheva S, Watson JM, Turner JL, Daxinger L, Vyskot B, Aufsatz W, Riha K (2010) siRNA mediated methylation of Arabidopsis telomeres. PloS Genetics 6:e1000986.

Zellinger B, et al. (2007) Ku suppresses formation of telomeric circles and alternative telomere lengthening in Arabidopsis. Mol Cell 27:163-169.

Group Leader

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD Student