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Wolfgang Busch

Regulation of root development in Arabidopsis

Research focus

Our major research focus is to identify molecular mechanisms that underlie the quantitative regulation of organ growth. Using the Arabidopsis root as a model, we combine high throughput imaging at the cellular and organ level, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and systems biology approaches to identify genes and gene networks underlying the tuning of root growth.

Selected publications

Slovak R, Göschl C, Su X, Shimotani K, Shiina T, Busch W (2014) Scalable Open-Source Pipeline for Large-Scale Root Phenotyping of Arabidopsis. Plant Cell (online June 2014) ​doi.​org/​10.​1105/​tpc.​114.​124032

Meijón M, Satbhai SB, Tsuchimatsu T, Busch W (2013) Genome-wide association study using cellular traits identifies a new regulator of root development in Arabidopsis. Nature Genetics 46:77-81

Busch W, Moore BT, Martsberger B, Mace DL, Twigg RW, Jung J, Pruteanu-Malinici I, Kennedy SJ, Fricke GK, Clark RL, Ohler U, Benfey PN (2012)  A microfluidic device and computational platform for high-throughput live imaging of gene expression. Nature Methods 9:1101-1106

Iyer-Pascuzzi AS, et al. (2011) Cell identity regulators link development and stress responses in the Arabidopsis root. Developmental Cell 21:770-782.

Tsukagoshi H, et al. (2010). Transcriptional regulation of ROS controls transition from proliferation to differentiation in the root. Cell 143:606-616.

Sozzani R, et al. (2010) Spatiotemporal regulation of cell-cycle genes by SHORTROOT links patterning and growth. Nature 466:128-132.

Long TA, et al. (2010) The bHLH transcription factor POPEYE regulates response to iron deficiency in Arabidopsis roots. Plant Cell tpc:110.074096.

Group Leader

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