Scientific High Performance Computing

Not all of a biologist's work is done in the lab. A significant amount of modern research is done in silico. At GMI a High-Performance-Computing solution from SGI, named MENDEL, is available for bioinformatics.

Scientists at GMI use this system for state of the art work in:
- Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS)
- Next-Gen Sequencing, including SNP calling, mapping, and de novo assembly
- Cohort Analysis
- Protein structure and function prediction.

MENDEL is not provided as simple hardware, instead we provide a well maintained and tailored eco system of field specific software, ready for use by scientists. In this way, the overhead costs for setting up a usable software environment are reduced.

The software environment includes, but is not limited to:
- R
- Python, numpy, scipy, biopython, DendroPy
- BamTools
- SAMtools
- MetaVelvet

All software is available in multiple versions and configurations, as well as compilers from different vendors. Where possible the software is optimized to achieve the best performance possible from the system.

Individual software installations can be requested from the support team.

If you are affiliated with a research institution, you can apply for MENDEL by contacting borries.luberacki(at)

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