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Logos and images of our facilities and model plants, as well as PDFs of GMI Annual Reports may be downloaded below (all ©Gregor Mendel Institute).

* Images of research group leaders and management are available on request.

** Research or publication related downloads (data, software, protocols, etc) are available in the Resources pages of the respective Research Groups.

Annual Reports

GMI Annual Report 2017
GMI Annual Report 2016
GMI Annual Report 2015



GMI Logo - rgb
GMI Logo - transparent

Building and Facilities

GMI Building - front view
GMI Building - rear view
GMI - interior
GMI Greenhouses
GMI Plant Growth Chambers
GMI Plant Growth Chamber - interior


Model plant Arabidopsis thaliana - 1
Model plant Arabidopsis thaliana - 2
Model plant Arabidopsis thaliana - whole plant
Model plant Arabidopsis thaliana - flowering

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