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Several Postdoc and PhD positions available in the Nordborg lab

Several positions are available in the Nordborg lab, primarily to help understand the global pattern of DNA methylation variation in Arabidopsis thaliana (if you want to work on something else, please let me know, and we can talk). Research interests in the lab are very broad and include general questions about quantitative genetics, genome evolution, local adaptation, and speciation (see, e.g., publications). General information about joining the lab can found here.

We are particularly looking for people with strong expertise in population genetics and genomics as we are in the process of generating and analyzing several very large data sets, including hundreds of independent genome assemblies. A willingness to learn to work with and think about such data is an absolute requirement.

The Gregor Mendel Institute (where we are) is part of the Vienna BioCenter with close to 2000 researchers. It is completely English-speaking, has day-care facilities on site, and is located near the center of Vienna, an eminently liveable city with excellent pastries.

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