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Gregor Mendel Institute

Research at the GMI is curiosity driven and covers many aspects of molecular genetics, including basic mechanisms of epigenetics, population genetics, chromosome biology, developmental biology, signal transduction and biotrophy. Research is carried out by independent research groups, led by senior group leaders with unlimited contracts, or junior group leaders with temporary (5+3 years) appointments. The focus is on scientific excellence and publication in high impact journals. Notably, GMI researchers have one of the highest publications rates in Austria in journals such as Nature and Science.

Claude Becker science

Claude Becker

Genomics and epigenomics of plant-plant and plant-environment interactions

Youssef Belkhadir science

Youssef Belkhadir

Plant cell signalling at the interface of growth and defences

Frederic Berger science

Frederic Berger

Chromatin Architecture and Function

Yasin Dagdas science

Yasin Dagdas

The role of autophagy in plant development and stress tolerance

Armin Djamei science

Armin Djamei

Effectomics: Exploring the Toolbox of Plant Pathogens

Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid science

Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid

Epigenetic Changes in Plants

Michael Nodine science

Michael Nodine

Small RNA Functions in Plant Embryos

Magnus Nordborg science

Magnus Nordborg

Population Genetics

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