Claude Becker

Genomics and epigenomics of plant-plant and plant-environment interactions

The Becker group is currently accepting applications for PhD positions. We are looking for motivated people with a background in plant molecular biology, genomics and/or metagenomics. Skills in bioinformatics are a plus. PhD candidates should apply via the Vienna Biocenter PhD programme.

Research focus

Plants experience a tremendous pressure to rapidly adapt to their environment and to cope with changing conditions. Growing in more or less dense plant communities, they moreover have to compete with their neighbours for limited resources, such as nutrients, water, light and space.

Our lab studies the molecular effects of phytotoxic compounds that are released by certain plant species, a process known as allelopathy. We have recently presented the first molecular mode of action of an allelochemical that is produced by some major crop species and have shown that it inhibits the growth of target plants by affecting chromatin configuration. We are interested in learning how plants adapt to such adverse, phytotoxic environments, and what role plant-associated microorganisms might play in allelopathy between plants. We employ biochemical, molecular, genomic and metagenomic approaches to investigate the mode of action of allelochemicals, to identify genetic determinants of adaptive traits, and to characterise the allelopathy–promoting or –inhibiting properties of bacteria and fungi. Our goal is a better understanding at the molecular, genetic and organismal level of these fundamental processes, which contribute to shaping both natural and agricultural plant communities. 

Selected publications

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