Wolfgang Busch

Systems genetics of root growth

Research focus

One of the most important challenges in biology is to understand how the genotype of an individual gives rise to its phenotype. Using the root as a model system, we want to obtain a systems level understanding of how genotypes determine organ growth and development. Our long-term goals are to understand how, and through which molecular and cellular mechanisms, root growth is quantitatively determined by the genotype. Using this knowledge, we will develop mathematical models with predictive power that accurately capture how the genotype determines root growth in given environments. To accomplish this we use a systems genetics approach, a synthesis from various fields including, genetics, genomics, phenomics, and systems biology.

Selected publications

Barbez E, Dünser K, ..., Busch W (2017) Auxin steers root cell expansion via apoplastic pH regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 114(24):4884-93.

Satbhai SB, Setzer C, ..., Busch W (2017) Natural allelic variation of FRO2 modulates Arabidopsis root growth under iron deficiency. Nat Commun 8:15603.

Smakowska E, Kong J, Busch W, Belkhadir Y (2016) Organ-specific regulation of growth-defense tradeoffs by plants. Curr Opin Plant Biol 29:129-137.

Slovak R, Göschl C, ..., Busch W (2014) Scalable Open-Source Pipeline for Large-Scale Root Phenotyping of Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 26(6): 2390-403.

Meijón M, Satbhai SB, ..., Busch W (2014) Genome-wide association study using cellular traits identifies a new regulator of root development in Arabidopsis. Nat Genet 46(1):77-81.

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Long TA, Tsukagoshi H, Busch W, et al. (2010) The bHLH transcription factor POPEYE regulates response to iron deficiency in Arabidopsis roots. Plant Cell 22(7):2219-36.

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