Frederic Berger

Graduate Students

1998-2002 Corinne Boisnard-Lorig. Currently Manager at H&M

2000-2003 Anne-Elisabeth Guitton. Currently horse riding instructor

2000-2003 Damien Garcia. Currently CNRS researcher, Strasbourg, France

2001-2004 Nicolas Rotman. Currently Lecturer, Lausane, CH

2003-2006 Sebastien Andreuza. Currently researcher, Hyderabad, India

2004-2007 Pauline Jullien. Currently Post-doc, ETH, Zurich

2004-2009 Chen Zhong. Currently Assistant Prof NIE, Singapore

Post-Doctoral Fellows

1998-2000 Mikael Soerensen. Currently Group Leader, Biotech company in Copenhagen

2002-2004 Sylvie Corneille. Currently permanent Staff CNRS, France

2003-2007 Jonathan FitzGerald. Currently Assis. Prof, Rhodes College, Memphis USA

2003-2004 Mathieu Gourgues. Currently Associate Prof, INRA Antibes, France

2005-2008 Mathieu Ingouff. Currently Associate Prof, INRA Antibes, France

2005-2007 Tadashi Takada. Currently Post-doc, Japan

2008-2012 Sarah Hollec. Currently Post-doc, Singapore

2009-2013 Heike Wollmann. Currently Post-doc, Singapore

2011-2016 Tomokazu Kawashima. Asst. Prof. U. of Kentucky

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