Staff Directory

Gregor Mendel Institute

Research Groups

Claude Becker

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Claude Becker Junior Group Leader 9870
Patrick Huether PHD Student 9872
Judit Kovacs Postdoctoral Fellow

Youssef Belkhadir

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Youssef Belkhadir Junior Group Leader 9840
Karin Grünwald Technician 9841
Jixiang Kong Postdoctoral Fellow 9840
Katarzyna Parys PhD Student 9840
Elwira Smakowska Postdoctoral Fellow 9840

Frederic Berger

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Svetlana Akimcheva Technician 9815
Elin Axelsson Bioinformatician 9814
Frederic Berger Senior Group Leader 9810
Michael Borg Postdoctoral Fellow - Lise Meitner 9815
Bhagyshree Jamge Technician 9815
Danhua Jiang Postdoctoral Fellow - EMBO 9815
Bingkun Lei Postdoctoral Fellow 9815
Zdravko Lorkovic Staff Scientist 9815
Sean Montgomery PhD Student 9815
Akihisa Osakabe Postdoctoral Fellow 9815
Chulmin Park Postdoctoral Fellow 9815
Hidenori Takeuchi Postdoctoral Fellow 9815

Wolfgang Busch

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Elke Barbez Postdoctoral Fellow 9873
Alexander Bindeus Programmer 9873
Wolfgang Busch Junior Group Leader 9901
Marco Giovannetti Postdoctoral Fellow 9873
Christian Goeschl Programmer 9940
Katharina Jandrasits Technician 9873
Samantha Krasnodebski Technician 9873
Baohai Li Postdoctoral Fellow - Lise Meitner 9873
Anna Malolepszy Postdoctoral Fellow 9873
Takehiko Ogura Postdoctoral Fellow 9873
Daniela Ristova Postdoctoral Fellow 9873
Santosh Satbhai Postdoctoral Fellow 9873
Claudia Setzer Technician 9873
Radka Slovak PhD Student 9873
Delyana Stoeva Technician 9873
Han Wang PhD Student 9873

Yasin Dagdas

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Yasin Dagdas Junior Group Leader 9850
Fabian Kuenzl Postdoctoral Fellow 9851
Christian Loefke Postdoctoral Fellow
Haifeng Wang Postdoctoral Fellow 9851
Natascha Weinberger Technician 9851

Armin Djamei

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Andre Alcantara PhD Student 9836
Janos Bindics Postdoctoral Fellow 9872
Jason Bosch PhD Student 9836
Angelika Czedik-Eysenberg Postdoctoral Fellow 9836
Armin Djamei Junior Group Leader 9812
Tilo Guse Technician 9836
Fernando Navarrete Gonzalez PhD Student 9836
Julia Riefler Technician 9836
Denise Seitner PhD Student 9836
Simon Uhse PhD Student 9836

Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Jasmin Bassler PhD Student 9832
Heinrich Bente PhD Student 9832
Claudio Capitao PhD Student 9832
Mattia Dona Postdoctoral Fellow 9832
Tao Dumur PhD Student 9832
Nathalie Durut Postdoctoral Fellow 9832
Malgorzata Goiser Bioinformatician 9832
Ruben Gutzat Postdoctoral Fellow - Plant Fellow 9832
Nicole Lettner Technician 9832
Zsuzsanna Merai Postdoctoral Fellow 9832
Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid Senior Group Leader 9830

Michael Nodine

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Balaji Enugutti Postdoctoral Fellow 9835
Benjamin Haas Undergraduate Student 9834
Falko Hofmann PhD Student 9834
Isabel Kaltenbrunner Undergraduate Student 9834
Ping Kao PhD Student 9834
Max Kellner Master Student 9834
Stefan Lutzmayer PhD Student 9835
Magdalena Mosiolek Technician 9834
Michael Nodine Junior Group Leader 9821
Katalin Paldi PhD Student 9834
Ranjith Papareddy PhD Student 9834
Subramanian Paulraj Postdoctoral Fellow 9834
Aleksandra Plotnikova PhD Student 9835
Michael Predl Undergraduate Student 9834
Michael Schon PhD Student 9834
Anna Smolka Undergraduate Student 9834
Divya Vashisht Postdoctoral Fellow 9835

Magnus Nordborg

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Gökce Aköz PhD Student 9904
Robin Burns PhD Student 9904
Pieter Clauw Postdoctoral Fellow 9904
Daniele Filiault Postdoctoral Fellow 9904
Benjamin Jaegle Postdoctoral Fellow 9904
Joanna Jagoda Technician 9904
Envel Kerdaffrec PhD Student 9904
Aleksandra Kornienko Postdoctoral Fellow 9904
Viktoria Nizhynska Technician 9904
Magnus Nordborg Scientific Director 9903
Rahul Pisupati Visitor 9904
Fernando Rabanal PhD Student 9904
Ilka Reichardt-Gomez Staff Scientist 9905
Eriko Sasaki Postdoctoral Fellow 9904
Uemit Seren Programmer 9510
Luz Mayela Soto Jimenez PhD Student 9904

Administration Groups

Business Director's Group

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Martina Gsur Assistant to the Directors 9903
Markus Kiess Managing Director 9412


Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Heidelinde Fürnkranz Bookkeeper 9102
Philipp Heinz Bookkeeper 9540
Johanna Ostah Grant Manager 9530
Mireia Verdaguer Head of Finance 9520

Human Resources

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Mariola Glawischnig Human Resources Officer 9900

Information Technology

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Thomas Ciganek IT Engineer 9931

Lab Services

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Anneliese Auer Plant Growth Technician 9990
Erich Birngruber HPC Specialist 9871
Stefan Ferscha Technician 9932
Borries Luberacki Head of Lab Services 9860
Jens Schaich Technician

Science Support

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
James Matthew Watson Head of Science Support 9101
Barbara Weigel Assistant to Science Support 9000

Scientific Training

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Ines Crisostomo Coordinator of Scientific Training 9811

Scientific Visualization

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Milos Sramek Head of Scientific Visualization 9824

admin Groups

Eckehard Siegmann

Name Position Ext. E-Mail
Eckehard Siegmann Head of IT 9930

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The Vienna Biocenter in the third district of Vienna has established itself as the premier location for life sciences in Central Europe and is a world-leading international bio-medical research center.


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