Student Programs

Gregor Mendel Institute

The GMI participates in two Vienna BioCenter programs for PhD and undergraduate students respectively, as well as in various externally funded doctoral programs. Additionally, GMI staff participate in a variety of courses and workshops at various institutions across Vienna. More information can be found at

Note: any prospective student wishing to undertake PhD studies at the GMI, including the externally funded programs (info links below), must apply through the VBC PhD Programme calls.

PhD Programs

The prestigious Vienna BioCenter PhD Programme provides the opportunity for outstanding students to undertake their PhD studies in some of the best laboratories in Europe. Students are selected twice-yearly with an emphasis on academic and technical excellence. The official language of the Program is English, and students are enrolled through the University of Vienna. PhD salaries are offered at an internationally competitive level for up to 4 years.

The GMI also participates in these externally funded doctoral programs:

Undergraduate Program

The VBC Summer School is an intensive 12-week program for undergraduate students to gain hands-on experience by working side by side with leading researchers in an active research environment.

The program attracts talented students from around the world, creating a vibrant and diverse atmosphere. It is perfect preparation for students interested in graduate study in the life sciences. Successful applicants are provided with accommodation, as well as a travel allowance and stipend for the duration of the Scholarship.

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